Motocross Photography

I frequent several tracks in the Houston area to shoot practice sessions and competitions.  Check out my shoot schedule below!  If you'd like to schedule a private photo session, contact me and we can discuss. 

If you are looking for your photos from a recent practice session or race, click the button below!

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Image Editing

I'm very mindful of my backgrounds when I'm shooting but sometimes poles, and other objects, are unavoidable.  If you've found your favorite shot, but would like it touched up a bit, contact me and I can provide you with an estimate.  I don't keep all of the RAW files very long after capture so please try to notify me as soon as you can, so I don't delete your  file. Raw files edit much cleaner than JPGs.
Motocross Photography Image EditingMotocross Photography Houston

Local & Not-So-Local Motocross Tracks

3 Palms Action Sports Park

Location: Conroe, Texas
Address: 15100 Interstate 45 S., Conroe, TX 77384
Rio Bravo Motocross Park Photography

Rio Bravo Motocross Park

Location: Houston, Texas
Address: 11610 North Lake Houston Pkwy, Houston, TX 77044
Track HotlineWebsite
Lone Star MX - motocross photography

Lone Star MX

Location: Belton, Texas
Address: 7900 South IH 35, Belton, TX 76513
Underground MX - motocross photography

Underground MX

Location: Kemp, Texas
Address: 7353 FM 3396, Kemp, TX 75143
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