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Aperture Ring on Summicron


Links to reference materials mentioned in my YouTube videos.
Camera Setup Guides
Nikon Z9 - Blank
Revision: 1.0
Nikon Z9 - Tom's
Revision: 1.0
Nikon Z8 - Blank
Revision: 1.0
Photographing from the sky with the Nikon Z8 and Z9 | Aerial photography tips
Published: 01/28/2024
Workflow for adding FAA charts to Google Earth
Revision: 1.0
Step-by-Step Guide: How to Focus Stack Images in Photoshop
Published: 11/11/2023
Focus Bracket Raw Files (Nikon Z8)
Raw Files
My Nikon Z9 Setup
Published: 8/25/2022
Blank Z9 
Tom's Z9 Settings
See Camera Setup Section Above

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