• Example of a fine art photography metal print hanging in home office.
  • Example of framed fine art landscape photograph in home office setting.
  • Example of framed fine art equine photograph hanging in bedroom.
  • Metal fine art photography print shown in living room.

Beautiful fine art prints for your home or office!

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Welcome to my home on the internet.  Come explore the world as I see it through my lens.  Prints of my photographs are available for purchase by clicking on the image in my portfolio galleries.  I am also available for hire for various photographic services including aerial, architectural, equestrian, and sports photography.  

Workshops and private photography training coming soon. 

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  • motocross photography

    Motocross Photography

    Motocross photos from 7/30/22 practice at 3 Palms have been uploaded! 
    Leica Summicron Lens stopped down to ƒ/4.

    Understanding Aperture

    New blog post in my Photography Education Series about the effects of aperture in your photos.  Check it out!
  • Misc Photography Gallery

    New photos added.                                                              


    Street Photography Gallery

    New photos added!                                                                       

  • Landscape Photography Gallery

    New photos added!                                                                       


    No Moire'

    Guide to removing moire in your photos using tools in Adobe Lightroom Classic. 

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